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Quality Lawn Service

Why Nature Lawn?

  • Knowledgeable Staff: All of our lawn applicators have the necessary training as well as years of field experience to keep your lawn looking great.
  • Granular Fertilization: We only use slow release granular fertilizers designed exclusively for professional applications. These slow release micro-encapsulated fertilizers deliver a balanced release of important nutrients and trace elements designed to feed your lawn over a greater period of time. Unlike liquid fertilizers, which produce excessive uneven growth. Our granular materials will keep feeding your lawn between applications.
  • Organic Weed Control: Quality lawn care services not only includes applying appropriate fertilizater nutrients, but also controls nuisance weeds. Our weed control will put an end to those unsightly weeds in your lawn at no extra charge.
  • Lime: included in both our Basic and Comprehensive Programs at no extra charge. Most of our competitors charge extra for these services, but in our long years of experience, we know how important these services are to the overall health and appearance of your lawn.
  • Aeration, Seeding and Power Raking: included with our comprehensive program in the fall.  This is an extra cost with our competitors!

When you're considering different lawn care companies, always check what you are getting with each application and then compare to the annual total. In most cases, we will always be the most cost effective choice with either our 6 or 7 step program.